Wellbeing and Career Counselling

We are committed to promoting and supporting the wellbeing of every individual by creating the school ethos - i care, where our school community (children, staff and parents) feel secure, and know that they are valued and encouraged in their learning, growth and social development. 

At APS our role is to ensure that students and staff: >
  • Learn to maintain positive mental health, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, seek help and support if required
  • Are equipped to cope with change and stress
  • Empathize, respect and cooperate with all
  • Are provided opportunities to develop professionally and personally
  • Follow a zero tolerance bullying policy
  • Balance their working lives with their personal needs and responsibilities
We want our school community to be confident enough to express themselves emotionally, while maintaining strong and positive relationships with peers.

Career Counselling
We aim to provide students with a strong foundation by guiding them through the transition from student to young adult. Our career counsellors are dedicated to assisting students with addressing uncertainties and seeking answers. They also play a pivotal role in aiding students through the intricate university application process, offering guidance and support as they make their final decisions. 

Here are some ways in which we support their future educational journeys:

  • Career Fairs: students are given the opportunity to meet universities and educational centres across UAE and abroad.
  • Individual Counselling: one-on-one sessions are offered by the career counsellor and Head of Careers to help students create and implement their own career plans.
  • Workshops: throughout the academic year, the school arranges a range of interactive workshops to equip students with 21st-century skills needed to prepare them for higher education. From portfolio creation and resume development to preparing for IELTS, SAT, ACT, UKCAT, EMSAT and more, the career workshops cover a variety of areas.
  • University Visits: Universities from around the world visit the school and introduce students to their university, the courses, and services available to students. 
  • Career Day: On career day we welcome industry leaders and professionals to share their work and personal experiences with students. This helps students get a more in-depth understanding of job roles and what it takes to reach your career goals.
  • Community service/ work experience: participation in Model United Nations, events, teaching junior students, community service, internships, etc. are highly encouraged. We want students to get the opportunity to hone their interpersonal skills.
  • In-house support: we assist students with their applications for UCAS, OUAC, Common Application and more.
  • Student guidance and support: To ensure that every student lives up to their maximum potential, we provide access to student counselling centres that guide them towards the right stream of subjects and interests, taking into consideration their aptitude, skills and desired career path. 
  • Support classes: we provide support classes for English, Hindi, Arabic and Mathematics for students who require additional help with these subjects. Students can opt for these classes at an additional fee.