We welcome students with a range of learning abilities and ensure equal access to educational opportunities for all students. Inclusion is an important aspect of the APS journey.

In order to deliver high-standard educational provisions for TDO students, we:

  • Allocate resources to ensure realistic support is available to students and their families
  • Take into account the insights of parents/caregivers, students, and professionals involved
  • Facilitate student involvement in the decision-making process whenever appropriate
  • Maximize student participation in their own education and their role within their learning journey.
  • Ensure that student progress is reviewed regularly against clearly defined learning outcomes suited to the child’s abilities, aptitude, and potential.
  • Provide a comprehensive programme of continuous professional staff development training for teaching and support staff.
  • To take into account local legislation, inclusion policies and federal laws.  

We ensure that students are given the care and attention they need to excel socially and academically. Every student’s individual progress is recorded and an inclusion champion is assigned. Inclusion champions are responsible for ensuring that records are maintained and kept confidential.

Our Inclusion Team includes the Senior Leadership Team, the Head of Inclusion, Learning Support Assistant(s), Counselor, Mentors, Therapists (external), School Doctor/Nurses and Subject Teachers.