Our Teachers

The exemplary faculty at APS Sharjah is trained to supervise the implementation of the various programmes that come under the CBSE curriculum, with a determination to serving the needs of the students and parents in the school community.

Each staff member fosters leadership qualities and is skilled in promoting critical thinking and self-reflection in a caring and stimulating environment.


Our teachers are always learning too

When teachers learn, students do too. That’s why we provide significant learning opportunities for our staff through our emphasis on professional learning, and encourage them to attend workshops and conferences off-site as well as providing numerous opportunities for teacher facilitated learning on campus.

Additionally, a well-qualified teaching faculty with generous access to quality international in-service training in India and abroad further enhances the learning experience, for student and teacher alike.

Academic calendar 2018/2019

We’ve highlighted important dates and events for your convenience. 


Safety & Security

Our students’ safety and well-being is our highest priority. That’s why we have a 24-hour campus security in place with CCTV surveillance and security personnel spread across campus grounds.


School Tour

Visiting our school is a great way to ensure a good understanding of the school’s curriculum and philosophy. 


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